Pipe Shapes

The Billiard, Lovat, Liverpool, Canadian, & Lumberman

This will be the first in a series of videos looking at various pipe shapes and what shapes come from similar roots.   Please note these were created many years ago, so any images you see are not currently for sale at the retailer that hosted the images.

The Apple

In this video we’ll explore the apple and the wide range of shapes that it has generated.

The Bulldog

Bulldog?  Rhodesian? Which is which?  Do you see a “bulldog” when you view the shape?

The Fish

 What’s the difference between the fish shape, blowfish shape, and the disk shape?

The Poker

Ah the poker …. straight, bent, the Friendly and the cherrywood shape.  Which is which? 

The Pot

 Wide chamber, short bowled billiard?  I think not….. more to this than meets the eye.

The Cavalier

Both very interesting shapes with a wide range of designs concepts.  Artsian carvers really take these to the next level.


Shapes derived from nature

 Have you ever wondered where some carvers found inspiration for their shapes?


The Dublin

 The Dublin shape is diverse and probably allows the carver the best chance for exceptional grain usage