Pipe Cleaning & Maintenance

Pipe Cleaning Part I

In this series let’s go step by step through a thorough cleaning of a pipe.  Be prepared as some of these are lengthy.

The methods I use are, IMHO, the least intrusive through to the most invasive possible.  IF you wish to attempt these YMMV.  I do suggest you watch each section completely before you begin the process of trying to do this yourself.

Also please understand, these are the methods I have used, do use, and continue to use.  There are a myriad of other ways to do this and as with the above … with each different technique YMMV.

In Part I we’ll work on the stem.


Pipe Cleaning Part II

In part two we will work on the tobacco chamber. Reaming back the cake and smoothing any ledges.



Pipe Cleaning Part III

In part three lets work on the airpassage in the shank and removal of patina from the rim.



Pipe Cleaning Part IV

In part four we’ll hand polish the bowl with two different products.  The first is hard carnauba wax. The second is a soft wax, polish, sealer, from Walker Pipe Repairs. 



Pipe Cleaning Part V & VI

Be warned, this is one long video.   Not sure why I did not split this into two.  Hind sight is 20/20.  A complete salt and alcohol treatment.



Pipe Cleaning Part VII – The Retort

 Again another very long video.  I have editted a great deal of dead space, so this might appear a little jumpy.  Doing a retort is a boat load of work, as you will see.  Getting it correct the first time as far as amount of alcohol and heat source makes a huge difference.