Fee Structure

Commission Rate – 30%

The big difference between Briar Blues and other selling avenues is that YOU the client set the asking prices for YOUR items. We may offer advice, but the final word comes from you!

What we will accept are briar pipes of all makes.

If you have a non pipe item, please email me first so we can discuss the selling of the item. There are certain items that do not move quickly and as such it is probably in your best interest to find an alternative avenue for those items.

We will no longer accept:

      • tobacco of any vintage
      • meerschaum pipes
      • porcelain pipes
      • corn cobs pipe or any other non briar pipe
      • pipes in need of repairs of any kind
      • pipes that require a filter
      • pipes that are damaged ( show spider webbing etc)
      • pipes that have had the tobacco chamber re coated

or any pipe with a selling price under $200.00

We expect all pipes to arrive in reasonable condition. Pipes needing serious cleaning and refurbishing will be returned to the owner. Or the owner may choose to have us send the pipes for cleaning at the owners expense. Most pipe refurbishers charge $35.00 per pipe, plus shipping.

What do these fees cover?

  1. cleaning each pipe ( reaming & scrubbing air passages and shank and polishing )
  2. photographing each pipe
  3. hosting each pipes photographs and description on the web site
  4. selling on E-Bay if you so choose
  5. all costs associated with E-Bay and Pay Pal for the sale of your pipe/s
  6. packaging and shipping each item

What we will not do.

  1. pipe repairs
  2. top a rim
  3. pipe restorations
  4. pipe refinishing
  5. re coating tobacco chambers to hide faults
  6. falsify information about your item
  7. alter or enhance nomenclature

Briar Blues

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