Welcome to Briar Blues, where service is not a luxury.
Blogs & Clubs
The Briar Report Great site for current news
Oompaul.com Great pod casts / interviews
Mark Irwin's Peterson Blog Everything you wanted to know about Peterson Pipes
New York Pipe Club A great group of pipe lovers in NYC
Vancouver Pipe Club My local crew of riff raff
GL Pease Friend and possibly the finest blender of our generation
Estate Pipe Central List of independent estate pipe dealers
Marty Pulvers Friend, mentor and competitor.  New and used pipes ( reluctantly ) sold.
PipeStud ( aka Steve Fallon ) Friend and competitor.  Lots of vintage tins
Bidouilles Very cool tampers and stands
Fortnum & Mason Teas and the like since 1730 !!!
Pipe Makers
Castello Pipes IMHO the best
Jerry Crawford Great hand made pipes
J Alan Pipes  ( Jeff Gracik ) Superb hand made pipes
Men's Self Improvement
I am Alpha M Friend Aaron Marino's multifaceted site full of information
Real Men Real Style Antonio Centeno's site for those wishing to learn how to up their style
Gentleman's Gazette Sven Raphael Schneider's site chalked full of men's style and life style information
Parisian Gentleman Hugo Jacomet's site for those with exceptional sartorial taste
Grooming Supplies
Tiege Hanley Affordable & uncomplicated men's skin care
Beard Brand Awesome products for facial hair care
Pete & Pedro The best men's hair products available
The Italian Barber Finest selection of fine Italian ( mainly ) grooming supplies
Clothiers & Accessories
Anson Belts High quality with incredible service
Cobblers Union Superb Shoe Shop in Atlanta GA
Mes Chaussettes Rouges The world's best ( bar none ) sock source
Shoe Snob J. Fitzpatrick shoes and supplies
Helix Cuffs Men's very edgy yet classy accessories